Mircea Eliade "From Primitives to Zen": ALLAH REVEALS TO MUHAMMAD


('Qur'an,' XVII, 104-9)

And We gave Moses nine signs,

clear signs. Ask the Children of Israel

when he came to them, and Pharaoh

said to him, 'Moses, I think thou art bewitched.'

He said, 'Indeed thou knowest that none

sent these down, except the Lord

of the heavens and earth, as clear

proofs; and, Pharaoh, I think thou art accursed.'

He desired to startle them from the land;

and We drowned him and those with him, all together.

And We said to the Children of Israel

after him, 'Dwell in the land; and

when the promise of the world to come

comes to pass, we shall bring you a rabble.'

With the truth We have sent it down,

and with the truth it has come down;

and We have sent thee not, except

good tidings to bear, and warning,

and a Koran We have divided,

for thee to recite it to mankind

at intervals, and We have sent it down successively.

Say: 'Believe in it, or believe not';

those who were given the knowledge before it

when it is recited to them, fall down

upon their faces prostrating, and say,

'Glory be to our Lord! Our Lord's promise is performed.'

Translation by A. J. Arberry

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