Mircea Eliade "From Primitives to Zen": AUGUSTUS- 'FATHER OF HIS OWN FATHERLAND'


Following is an inscription found at Halicarnassus, dating from some time after 2 B.C.

Since the eternal and deathless nature of the universe has perfected its immense benefits to mankind in granting us as a supreme benefit, for our happiness and welfare, Caesar Augustus, Father of his own Fatherland, divine Rome, Zeus Paternal, and Saviour of the whole human race, in whom Providence has not only fulfilled but even surpassed the prayers of all men: land and sea are at peace, cities flourish under the reign of law, in mutual harmony and prosperity; each is at the very acme of forture and abounding in wealth; all mankind is filled with glad hopes for the future, and with contentment over the present; [it is fitting to honour the god] with public games and with statues, with sacrifices and with hymns.

Translation by Frederick C. Grant, Ancient Roman Religion, op. cit., pp. 174-5

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