Mircea Eliade "From Primitives to Zen": 'DEMORTALIZING'


'I a man ... born of mortal womb ... having been this day begotten again by thee, out of so many myriads rendered immortal in this hour by the good will of God in his abounding goodness' (the so ' called Liturgy of Mithra). 'This is the good end for those who have attained knowledge, namely, Deification,' we read in the Hermetic literature (Poimandres, 1, 26), which recalls the famous statement of Clement of Alexandria that the true Gnostic 'practices being God.' In the Thanksgiving prayer of the Perfect Word occurs the expression 'Saved by thee . . . we rejoice that even in our mortal bodies thou didst deify us by the Vision of Thyself' (Greek text in R. Reitzenstein, Die Hellenistische Mysterienreligionen, 2nd ed., p. 114)

S. Angus, The Mystery Religions and Christianity (London, 1925), pp. 110-111

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