Mircea Eliade "From Primitives to Zen": IDENTIFICATION WITH THE MYSTERY OF GOD

By mystic identification Lucius, after the sacrament of initiation, was arrayed like the sun and set up like an image of the god' before the spectators (Apuleius, Metamorphoses, XI, 24). The mystes of Attis became himself Attis. . . . A Greek papyrus has preserved a magical prayer based on Hermetic theology, in which occur the words: 'Enter thou into my spirit and my thoughts my whole life long, for thou art I and I am thou; thy name I guard as a charm in my heart.' In a similar prayer we read: 'I know thee Hermes, and thou knowest me: I am thou, and thou art I.'

S. Angus, The Mystery Religions and Christianity (London, 1915), pp. 109-10

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