Mircea Eliade "From Primitives to Zen": MUHAMMAD PRESCRIBES THE DAILY PRAYERS


('Qur'an,'XVII, 80-3)

Perform the prayer

at the sinking of the sun to the darkening of the night

and the recital of dawn;

surely the recital of dawn is witnessed

And as for the night,

keep vigil a part of it, as a work of supererogation for thee;

it may be that thy Lord will

raise thee up to a laudable station.

And say: 'My Lord,

lead me in with a just ingoing, and lead me out with a

just outgoing, grant me

authority from Thee, to help me.'

And say:

'The truth has come, and falsehood has vanished away;

surely falsehood

is ever certain to vanish.'

Translation by A. J. Arberry

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