Mircea Eliade "From Primitives to Zen": A HYMN TO MWARI


Great Spirit!

Piler up of rocks into towering mountains!

When thou stampest on the stone,

The dust rises and fills the land.

Hardness of the precipice;

Waters of the pool that turn

Into misty rain when stirred.

Vessel overflowing with oil!

Father of Runji,

Who seweth the heavens like cloth:

Let him knit together that which is below.

Caller forth of the branching trees:

Thou bringest forth the shoots

That they stand erect.

Thou has filed the land with mankind,

The dust rises on high, oh Lord!

Wonderful One, thou livest

In the midst of the sheltering rocks,

Thou givest of rain to mankind:

We pray to thee,

Hear us, Lord!

Show mercy when we beseech thee, Lord.

Thou art on high with the spirits of the great.

Thou raisest the grass-covered hills

Above the earth, and createst the rivers,

Gracious One.

Translation by F. W. T. Posselt, as quoted by Edwin W. Smith, 'The Idea of God among South African Tribes,' in Smith (ed.), African Ideas of God: A Symposium (London, 1950), p. 127

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