Mircea Eliade "From Primitives to Zen": A SPELL FOR THE REVIVAL OSIRIS

('Coffin Texts,' 74)

Ah Helpless One!

Ah Helpless One Asleep!

Ah Helpless One in this place

which you know not-yet I know it!

Behold, I have found you [lying] on your side

the great Listless One.

'Ah, Sister!' says Iris to Nephthys,

'This is our brother,

Come, let us lift up his head,

Come, let us [rejoin] his bones,

Come, let us reassemble his limbs,

Come, let us put an end to all his woe,

that, as far as we can help, he will weary no more.

May the moisture begin to mount for this spirit!

May the canals be filled through you!

May the names of the rivers be created through you!

Osiris, live!

Osiris, let the great Listless One arise!

I am Isis.'

'I am Nephthys.

It shall be that Horus will avenge you,

It shall be that Thoth will protect you

-your two sons of the Great White Crown-

It shall be that you will act against him who acted-against you,

It shall be that Geb will sec,

It shall be that the Company will hear.

Then will your power be visible in the sky

And you will cause havoc among the [hostile] gods,

for Horus, your son, has seized the Great White Crown,

seizing it from him who acted against you.

Then will your father Atum call 'Come!' Osiris, live!

Osiris, let the great Listless One arise!'

Translation by R. T. Rundle Clark, in his Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt (London, 1959), PP. 125-6

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