Mircea Eliade "From Primitives to Zen": THE SECOND GATHA OF THE CHOICE

('Gatha:Yasna' 31)

Yasna 31 is closely connected with the preceding one, Yasna 30. It adds supplementary words which are meant for the faithful and which were judged necessary because the choice to be made did not yet appear clearly enough.

7. He who first through the mind filled the blessed spaces with light,
He it is who by his will created Righteousness,
Whereby he upholds the Best Mind.
This thou hast increased, 0 Wise One, by the Spirit
Which is even now one with thee, 0 Lord!

8. Through the mind, 0 Wise One, have I known thee as the first
and the last,
As the father of the Good Mind,
When I perceived thee with thine eyes as the true creator of
As the Lord in the deeds of existence. . . .

11. Since thou, 0 Wise One, at the first didst create for its by thy mind
Beings and consciences and wills,
Since thou didst give a body to the soul of life,
Since thou didst create deeds and words, that man may decide freely

12.. Since then does the man of false words lift up his voice as well as the man of true words,
The initiate as well as the -non-initiate, each according to his heart and his mind.
May devotion put to the proof, one after the other, the spirits
where there is bewilderment! . . .

17. Is it righteous, or is it the wicked one that takes to himself the
greater part?
Let him that knows speak knowledge; let the unlearned cease to
0 Wise Lord, be thou our teacher in Good Mind! . . .

20. Whoever stands by the righteous man, to him shall future glory
Long lasting darkness, ill food, and wailing-
To such an existence shall your conscience
Lead you by your own deeds, O wicked ones.

Translation and introductory note by Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin, in his The Hymns of Zarathustra (London, 1953) pp. 108-17

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